FKT: Neal Gorman - Rivanna Trail (VA) - 2012-02-04

Route variation
single loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 9m 47s

In his blog, Neal Gorman reported setting the FKT of 2h9m47s. He wrote the following:

"In the spirit of FKT common sense guidelines last night I notified Charlottesville area trail runners about my today’s Rivanna Trail (RT) speed record attempt. This morning beginning at 8:00 I ran the loop, starting from Riverview Park on the east side of town and set a RT FKT benchmark. 2:09:47. I ran the traditional counter-clockwise direction, always following green (never brown) RT signage. My pace was strong and steady- never on the knife's edge of a blistering effort- but quick nonetheless. I never stopped; I never broke stride; I never walked. Not once."