FKT: Neil Clauson - Quinnipiac Trail (CT) - 2016-12-23

Route variation
Single Old Q
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 48m 35s


Neil Clauson ran a slightly different route on 11/13/2016 in 2h50m21s. He then went back a month later and set a new FKT on the route established by McDaniel. He wrote:

I went back to the run a proper FKT on the Q today. By proper I mean respecting Alex's initial trail documentation by starting at the sign at the end of Cornwall Street in Cheshire, not at the water tower where I previously thought the trail began. I am not sure why the "trail" begins at the end of the road but I found the road running to be a nice warm-up before the trail shoots up a nasty incline upon entering the woods. This added a bit less than a mile of road running onto the route, but I still managed to beat my old FKT by about two minutes. The trail had a nice coating of snow in most spots, but this didn't seem to affect my run too much. Actually the variability of the trail was very pleasant today.I would rather have the snow then loose leaves like I had last time. The only spot that was sketchy were some ice falls around the tower at Sleeping Giant where I grabbed onto trees and tiptoed over rocks to work my way down. I really like the way the trail ends on a super fast extended downhill section, which I really pushed knowing my time was close. The trail ends at King's Highway since the North Haven section has been closed with no maintenance.

Here are the splits: 

Mt. Sanford summit- 43:20
Brooks Rd. crossing- 1:18:28
Whitney Ave crossing- 1:55:18
Sleeping Giant tower- 2:17:29
King's Highway- 2:48:35

I am now on Strava and below is the link: