FKT: Neil Clauson - Taconic Rim (MA, CT, NY) - 2017-05-28

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5h 26m 52s

I managed to lower the time to 5:26:52 today (5/28/17). I followed Ben's route exactly but did it clockwise starting at Jug End. My cheapo gps always shortchanges my mileage, but the 7500+ elevation seemed right on. What a brute! The Cedar Brook trail is SWEET! It's like Sage's Ravine only less technical. I am happy to report also that the Bog Trail now has more than 1 board. Actually, the whole thing has boards...nice. My favorite part is when you go over Frissell and get to see the western view after seeing the eastern side all morning. Definitely an adventurous feel.

I took a bottle and a Coke from my wife who was relaxing over at Bash Bish so I guess this counts as supported. Oh well, I bonked really bad after the Cedar Brook trail anyway- the trail was begging to be run.