FKT: Nick Duff - Sunshine Coast Trail (BC) - 2020-08-30

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1d 3h 20m 47s

NEW SCT FKT  27:20

I started the run in the dark at 5:00am sharp on August 29, 2020 at Sarah Point under the Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Trail Sign with witness Scott Maguire.

I had crew Katherine Short and Scott Maguire meet me at multiple points along the route to give me fuel.

I had Scott Maguire pace me from km80 - km98.  Katherine Short paced me into the dark from km98 - km132, and Phil Brunet paced me through the night and into the next day finishing at the Sunshine Coast Trail sign in Saltery Bay at 8:20am on August 30, 2020.  Scott was witness to the start and Scott, Katherine and Phil all witnessed the finish.

In Regards to the GPXfiles and the STRAVAdata :  I used a Suunto watch from the start and the battery lasted until somewhere on the last big climb up Mt Troubridge, where the watch died.  When you plug your watch back in it turns back on, and then you can stop the activity and save which I did after I had finished the route and got into the truck, hence the time showing longer than it was.  If you look at the second file Fairview Bay to Finish, I realized I could use my phone and started the finishing activity at my last aid station.  That activity was started at 6:34am and finished at 8:20am at the Saltery Bay Sunshine Coast Trail sign.  So, there are some missing kms between running down off Mt Troubridge and my aid station near the Saltery Bay FSR01 which crosses the trail before you access the Fairview Bay/Rainy Day Lake junction.  The entire distance was covered from 5:00am to 8:20 am sharp.

Some notes on the trail going forward for purpose of FKT -

Trails evolve.  Seeing as its been 16 years since Ean Jackson did the first FKT, the trail has since changed.  There are many sections that reroute to create easier access.  Even 5 years ago the Tin Hat Mtn to Lewis Lake section was much less developed.  The Fairview Bay section is a newer addition.  At more than a few points you have an option to take an easier route.  For this FKT I did not do that.

These trails are built to showcase nature and create an experience.  I believe to run the trail the way its meant to be run in the condition it's in today you should have to hit all the stops.  That means going through Gibralter Lookout.  It means going up and over Scout Mountain.  It means summiting Tin Hat Mountain, going around Lewis Lake and finishing through Fairview Bay.  Aesthetically I think this is the way the trail is meant to be run.

Fastest Known Times are meant to be repilicable.  I started at the sign at Sarah Point.  I hit all the stops and finished at the sign in Saltery Bay.  No short cuts.  No easier logging roads.  178km and +8000m of technical Sunshine Coast Trail.  In my opinion going forward I believe this is how the trail should be performed for any FKT attempt.