Route: Sunshine Coast Trail (BC)

British Columbia, CA
178 km
Vertical Gain
8,000 m

The Sunshine Coast Trail web site is here. The trail was created in the 1990s by linking up various sections of trail, old roads and forgotton railroad grade. The final link-ups were completed in 2001. A detailed pdf map is here.

Ean Jackson posted (4/20/2010):

I hereby lay claim to:

1. Being the first to post a record for Canada in this forum. 
2. Being the first to run the Sunshine Coast Trail non-stop

The Sunshine Coast Trail is in British Columbia in and around the city of Powell River. It is a spectacular 180km trail that goes from Sarah Point in the north to Saltery Bay in the south.

With 3 friends, I have attempted to run the trail twice (2003, 2004). While we all got our asses kicked both times, I did manage to complete the distance on the second attempt in 2004 in a time of 43 hours 50 minutes.

A very complete description of the course, some awesome photos and other details of our little record-breaking attempt can be found at:

I've not seen it yet, but a film was made that is supposed to be quite entertaining. You can see the trailer at:

The trail is very special. Each year in April, the people who maintain the trail host a 30K run/hike on a section of the trail. Highly recommended way to meet locals if you plan to run the whole enchillada:

180K is a long way to run, but I strongly believe that anyone who can run 100-miles in under 24 hours can beat my record. Furthermore, it would give me great pleasure to help you do it. You can contact me via the form at

Happy trails!

Ean Jackson
North Vancouver, Canada

49.9678679, -124.6956396


I am planning on running the SCT starting Sunday July 8, ~16:00, hopefully finishing Monday July 9th.  Unsupported, solo.


Lukas Chrostowski

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On June 4-6, 2021, I will be attempting an Unsupported FKT on the Sunshine Coast 
Trail. I will follow the route set out by Nick Duff which includes Gibraltar Lookout, Lewis Lake and Fairview Bay. I'll be speed hiking, fully unsupported, will be carrying a bivy, light sleeping gear, food and emergency supplies. Will document using time stamped photos from my phone and my Garmin. There is still snow on the three high points of the trail so it could be interesting! News and progress reports will be posted here: . I am fundraising for Miklat Recovery Society, our only non-profit addiction treatment centre in the region:…


On June 19, 2021, I will attempt an Unsupported FKT on the Sunshine Coast Trail.

My solo run will start at Sarah Point and will include Gibraltar Lookout, Lewis Lake and Fairview Bay.

I will record the run on my GPS watch and I will be sending live Garmin Track in the link below:


Please consider a donation for Miklat Recovery Society (local non-profit addiction treatment centre) in Ron's link above.

On Oct 01, 2022, I will attempt to beat the current fastest known time in supported style.

The start is planed for 9.00am at Sarah Point and I will follow the trail including Gibralter Lookout, Lewis Lake and Fairview Bay with an end in Saltery Bay.