FKT: Nick Insley - Border to Border Trail (Washtenaw County, MI) - 2023-01-15

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6h 57m 59s

Started a little later than I planned at the western trailhead beginning at the Washtenaw County sign at 9:19:43 AM on Sunday January 15th, 2023. I ran solo the entirety of the time. My Apple watch died around three hours in so I had to switch to tracking on my phone, with just a little bit of overlap around the Dehli Metropark area. I got aid from my sister 5 times throughout the course to resupply water, food, and to change clothes and shoes once. Stopped at Beach Middle School (10 miles), A&W (17 miles), Barton Nature Area (26 miles), Gallup Park (31 miles) and Frog Island Park (37 miles). I ended at the Speedway in Ypsilanti at 4:17:42 PM for a total time of 6 hours 57 minutes 59 seconds. I had to push it a bit at the end to come in under 7 hours which I was extremely pleased with because I expected I would be ending closer to the 8 hour mark. The weather was really nice but I had a bit of a headwind the entirety of the route. I really enjoyed seeing lots of areas that I had driven through on foot along with lots of new parks and places. Thanks to David for being the first to complete the route, and I hope to potentially try it again when the entirety of the trail is complete.