FKT: Nickademus de la Rosa - Montaña de Oro 3 Peaks (CA) - 2024-01-06

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Total time
2h 8m 57s

I started at 9:45am from the Valencia Peak Trailhead in Montana de Oro State Park. Lots of cars/ people enjoying watching the waves from the recent winter storms. Jade, my wife, started off on a separate run at the same time as me and intersected me at several points to film/ take a photo but did not give me any water, aid etc...

I did not watch my splits on Valenica, Oats or Hazard. I was only watching my mile splits and was totally taken by a delightful surprise when I finished and saw the time that I'd run. 

Really fun smooth trails, lots of mountain bikers (as usual for the course). Honestly, having them there to kind of "chase me" up Hazard was nice...

I carried 1x 20oz handheld water bottle and 4x precision gels (30g) I consumed 3x gels and ate a decent sized pancake breakfast before the run. 

I listened to mostly broadway show tunes and old Frank Sinatra songs on my spotify. 

Joey and Nick (previous FKT holders) are incredible runners, thanks to them both for setting the bar so high!