FKT: Niclas Gällentoft - Skåneleden SL1 Kust (Sweden) - 2021-07-04

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1d 22h 5m 12s

It has been a week now since I crossed Skåne from Sölvesborg-Ängelholm.
I have rested and reflected and thought about what went well and less well.
Have also tried to disconnect what I did with my fantastic friends. Just to try to land a little in what I actually managed to accomplish during those hours I was out there "fighting".
It's a special feeling every now and then. To go into oneself and just try to do the "job".
But doing the job is tough and especially if it is to be done by oneself from start to finish.
Now I would not do it alone. I had a strong team behind me that was there all the time.
I would have done this adventure in tea without these amazing friends !! My time in goal was 46:05. It just needs to be approved. That means I beat Bill Öster and his time of 46:22 by 17 minutes.
Thanks to Jörgen Reppling for keeping up with the idea until I stopped the clock in Ängelholm.
Your commitment and all the help has been worth its weight in gold. Supporter manager and coach, you are damn fantastically good at that !! We have brainstormed many ideas and counted on a lot of numbers. You decided and I kept my mouth shut and ran according to orders from you, it went all the way even though it was tight on time in the end. You solved everything with energy and made me feel good all the way. The only thing you did not solve was a hamburger in Båstad? but who thinks about it now. You are just the best!!
Thank you Fredrik Larsson for hanging out on this adventure. You have kept the speed up on me, heard my whining, good me to laugh, good me to feel GOOD !!
You gave me all the help and pepper along the way. We had fun and you got my legs moving especially the last mile. What a race we had then??‍♂️?
I hope we can make a similar journey another day.
Thank you Lotta Sjöberg for your energy and all the good talk we had. You kept me awake with all the talk and I think you were quiet the time I naked and lubricated the intimate parts on a dirt road ??
You inspire and your own journey in whether running gave me perspective on what we are doing, THANK YOU !! I want to run far with you again.
Thank you Mikael Antonsson for carrying my staffs on Lotta's command ?
You are an inspiring and helpful person who always puts your runners ahead of yourself regardless of race or on a social run.
You are a joy spreader !!!
Thank you Johan Björkman for the help in the middle of the night in the Scanian soil. Thank you for the energy and good shouting. Hope your legs feel better !!
Thanks to Umara for letting us borrow the car. It was worth its weight in gold. It looked like a bomb with all the bags and clothes but it did its job. As always, the energy from you works so we runners can perform what we want to do !!
Many thanks to RaceTracker for sponsoring me on a tracker so it was possible to follow me in real time throughout the adventure !! Fantastically good support from you Martin Gallaher and Christopher Daniel Gallaher !!
Thank you to all of you who have peppered me and my crew with comments here in the group or in another way. There are things that make life a little easier out there in the middle of the night or in the scorching sun during the day.
Thank you Bill Öster for tips and inspiration for this project. I hope you want to and go out again on Skåneleden SL1 and beat my time. You will crush this time I have set.
You are a fantastic ultra runner and have the future for you.
Thank you to Hotell Humbla for sponsoring me and my friends on the hotel night. What a service. I can only say a big THANK YOU and recommend a hotel night or two at this fantastic hotel in Sölvesborg.
Thank you mom and dad for coming out and cheering along the way.
Thank you for also bringing Anna Romberg, Staffan Körnung, Mattias Frank out on the track and cheering on !!
Thanks to Christian Malmström who wanted me in his podcast "close the gap" which I now feel is a good fit to become my Race Report.
Listen to the podcast where I take you on my adventure. It is about 1h long but it may give you some inspiration and an insight into how it was out there during 46h.

Niclas Gällentoft

Instagram: Ultraniclas