FKT: Nik Barter - Sussex 3 Rings (United Kingdom) - 2021-04-04

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1h 24m 29s
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Found this local FKT and thought it was about time that I submitted a time for one. 

A nice short course, which I've done sections of many times before, so fairly easy to navigate although the little loop around Lancing Ring is a little odd. There are other minor deviations to watch out for (up to Cissbury Ring and the Monarch's Way for example). 

It's a loop, so you could go around either way, but I chose to do it the way it was submitted - anticlockwise, but I think clockwise might be the quicker way. Might leave that for another day. Probably a sub 80 minute in me. 

Ran on my own, but it was fairly busy running on Easter Sunday with cyclists and families enjoying the beautiful scenery. No real need for supplies for this distance and there isn't anywhere to get water etc anyway.

Will have to give the other local routes a go when the time allows.