Route: Sussex 3 Rings (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Dave Morris-89 on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 07:22am
United Kingdom
20.58 km
Vertical Gain
408 m

This routes covers the three rings in West Sussex.

These forts/rings are;

Chanctonbury Ring (this is also classed as a Marlyn) is a prehistoric hill fort atop Chanctonbury Hill on the South Downs, on the border of the civil parishes of Washington and Wiston in the English county of West Sussex. A ridgeway, now part of the South Downs Way, runs along the hill. It forms part of an ensemble of associated historical features created over a span of more than 2,000 years, including round barrowsdating from the Bronze Age to the Saxon periods and dykes dating from the Iron Age and Roman periods.

Cissbury Ring is an 84.2-hectare (208-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest north of Worthing in West Sussex.[1][2] It is owned by the National Trust[3] and is designated a Scheduled monument for its Neolithic flint mine and Iron Age hillfort.[4]

Cissbury Ring is the largest hill fort in Sussex, the second largest in England[5] and one of the largest in Europe overall, covering some 60 acres (24 hectares).[6] The earthworks that form the fortifications were built around the beginning of the Middle Iron-Age possibly around 250 BC[7] but abandoned in the period 50 BC - 50 AD.

Lancing ring When a Romano Celtic Temple was discovered in 1828 north of Lancing Ring the site was found to comprise a small late Iron Age shrine (c.700 BC - AD 43). Similar finds in Southern England have been inside late Iron Age forts.
From artefacts and coins found on the Roman Celtic site the temple was probably in use during the first half of the Roman occupation. It comprised a 40 foot square pavement with a room 16 foot square in the centre, with walls of flint, plastered and painted red. Around the site were several graves.

The route consists of smooth elevation with three moderately steep accents. And rounding each ring.  There are trails all the way, with one small section of of concrete farm track between Cissbury ring and Lancing ring.