FKT: Nikita Steiner - Jämtlandstriangeln (Sweden) - 2021-07-27

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5h 20m 43s
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It was a pretty hot day, so I set off from Storulvån station in the afternoon, hoping for cooler evening air. I got just that, but also a pretty serious headwind on my way to Sylarna. Only brought some energy gels with me, and drank water from the creeks. There were lots of reindeer between Blåhammaren and Storulvån, and a couple of angry birds that thought I was after their chicks. Lovely views all around as usual up here, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures during the run, as I was pretty focused and tired.

I was hoping for sub 5 hours, but had a pretty rough day out there, so by the end I was just happy to finish. Beautiful day for it, but my body was not having it. Hopefully I can get back later this year and have a better day.