Route: Jämtlandstriangeln (Sweden)

Submitted by Julius Z. Strömberg on Fri, 07/10/2020 - 11:06am
46 km
Vertical Gain
1,100 m

Jämtlandstriangeln (The Jämtland Triangle) is one of the most classic and prominent hikes in the Swedish mountains. A hike that is easily accessible, easy to navigate and possible to do with a little packing when you hike between the three mountain lodges. "The triangle" goes between the three mountains lodges Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren, all three maintained and operated by the Swedish Tourist Association (STF). The route is a total of 46km and easy terrain if you follow on the marked trails. Most people start at Storulvån (since there's a road leading up to the lodge), but since the hike is a round trip, it's possible to start and end where it suits you best.

Including Storsylen: Adds a distinct summit climb in the middle, making the route a different game. To climb nearly 1000 height meters in the middle gives you both a much tougher experience and also rewarding scenery over both the mountain area in the region Jämtland - and in Norway. The summit is actually located 50 meter across the Norwegian border. This is a classical trip that has long been done.  Including the summit adds about 12km and 900m of elevation gain.



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2020-09-03 myself (Jakob Källstrand) and Erik Källberg ran the variant with Jämtlandstriangeln including Storsylen, as I did with Nikita Steiner in mid-August. This time in heavy winds and we were not able to run faster than previous time and ended up with 00:10:26:46 this time. Still a beautiful day and with better views from Storsylen this time, even if the wind was according to local sometimes above 30 m/s on the summit...

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I almost forgot I made a small video that is accessible on Youtube, click here for the short video