FKT: Nina Silitch - Kinsman Ridge Trail (NH) - 2020-09-27

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5h 57m 40s
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I set out at 7:45 am from Cannon parking lot- It was foggy and windy but unseasonably warm for late September. I warmed up quickly with the steep and slick ascent up Cannon, apparently one of the steepest miles in the East. Having never climbed or hiked at Cannon and only skied, I got a little turned around at the top but then quickly enjoyed some runnable terrain followed by lots of fun rock hopping and boulder leaping in descents. I tried to run the descents and flats when I could and hiked the uphills. I carried a full UD race vest filled with 1.5 liters of Tailwind and I had had about 4 gels and one bar. Overall a typical New England AT adventure with very few viewpoints but plenty of adventure miles.