FKT: Nina Williams - Longs Peak (CO) - 2023-08-21

Route variation
Triathlon from Boulder
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
13h 10m 7s

happy birthday to me! my first real endurance challenge. new pain levels unlocked. 

wouldn’t call this a true speed attempt; just wanted to survive for my first time. transitions were slow and there were many parties to pass on the Casual. the bike/hike fatigue affected my climbing in unexpected ways. the last 15miles on 36 was actual hell (100 degree sun, construction, bone tired on endless rollers). but I made sure I was prepared, tried hard, and cried happy tears on the way down. grateful for the experience.

34th to BStop: 14:52.34
BStop to TH: 3:30:26.23
Bike/Hike transition: 27:24.03
TH to base of N Chimney: 2:23:07.6
Base NC to base Casual: 34:46.1
Base Casual to Table Ledge: 1:13:37.4
Table Ledge to Summit: 26:20
Summit to Keyhole: 27:46.9
Keyhole to Shortcuts: 1:11:55.1
Top of Shortcuts to TH: 32:16.2
Hike/Bike transition: 13:10.18
TH to BStop: 2:09:17.27
BStop to 34th: 11:00.97