FKT: Noah Brautigam - Pfeifferhorn (UT) - 2020-08-19

Route variation
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Total time
1h 3m 32s

The Wasatch has some very stout peak FKTs, and the Pfeifferhorn is a really fun one because it has a mix of very runnable climbing, steep and loose hiking, and a short technical ridgeline. I decided to go after the ascent and round trip FKT on 8/19/2020 after going off track on 8/15/2020. The ascent was held by Jason Dorais (like most of the Wasatch ascent times!) in 1:05:01, and the round trip was held by Karl Meltzer in 1:46:xx. I felt good and had an absolute blast, but wasn't sure I'd get the ascent time until the very top. Jason is a phenomenal uphill athlete and one of the best ridgeline scramblers, but I was able to get the route spot on because of my scouting mission a few days earlier. I carried one softflask of Roctane and took one gu on the route.