FKT: Noah Williams - Mt Elbert (CO) - 2022-08-04

Route variation
round trip from Halfmoon TH
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Total time
1h 39m 26s
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I’ve been working on this route for years now. Rough ascent times for the last 4 years: 1:25 (19), 1:13 (20), 1:07 (21), and 1:06 (today). I ran 1:43:30 (RT) last year and meant to try it again before the snows, just never got back to it. So today felt amazing to be on pace early (treeline in just under 30), feeling ok above 13k, and be able to push the descent. I did roll my ankle pretty bad just above treeline and decided to keep pushing. It’s swollen now, but should be ok in a few days. A few years ago I figured 1:42 was unattainable and even today I didn’t think sub-1:40 was in the cards. Just gotta keep trying!