FKT: Olga King - Manitou Missing Link Loop (CO) - 2022-08-26

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7h 31m 32s
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Have been thinking about it for a couple of month, and while today the legs felt blah after 3 summits of 14-ers and 3 days of backpacking in the Collegiate West - all within last week, I still had a vacation day left, so what the heck, somebody's gotta start it! My watch recorded almost a mile longer (and less elevation, but that's normal for my watch, the gain is, not the distance). Made the same mistake as the guy who posted his first - ran out of water last 2 miles, even though carried a filter, but got lazy. Paid for it, sun came out, open section...Other than that, the only trail I haven't been on prior to this was Lake Moraine proper, 4 miles of that very "missing link". Trail is marked very well (though I uploaded GPX onto CalTopo and checked on it often). I also took way too many photos (link attached), but that's my thing. There were workers doing trail work on that section where the rock fell, but they were totally good with my running by - as well as with about a dozen of other runners and hikers in the hour I was on Section 16. All in all, I needed a long run, anyway, for my upcoming race. It was fun to connect all this stuff in one big loop. Thanks for posting it!

p.s. I hope the links to Coros and Strava work - my account is private, and I have no clue how to make it public for just one run. But, there are GPX tracks from both websites, and a link to Picasa album with times photos.