FKT: Olga King - Pikes Peak in Winter (CO) - 2021-02-05

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5h 28m 47s

Hello, FKT Team!

I was browsing the website and stumbled upon Pikes Peak Winter Route. It appears there is no FKT recorded for female. In the year 2021 I decided to follow Alex Nichols and get up (and down) Pikes Peak in every calendar month, which, of course, includes a handful of winter months.

So far, as for winter, my fastest recorded time for the full route of Pikes Peak marathon (starting downtown in Manitou Springs) is 8:30:02, with ascent time coming to 5:28:47 )according to Garmin, link included).

My January time, for comparing, was 9:44:55 total for a marathon, and 5:56:07 for the ascent part (

All efforts were solo, unsupported, with a relatively quick turn-around at the top (cold, a.k.a. winter time). I carried food and water (some of which froze, of course) from the start, no resupply.

Please let me know if this is an acceptable for an FKT data (though, obviously, delayed). If it is, I am happy to make a donation.

Thanks for everything you do!

Olga King (CT, Collegiate Loop)