Route: Pikes Peak in Winter (CO)

Colorado, US

This is for ascent of Pikes Peak from the Barr Trailhead in winter, roughly following the route of the Barr Trail.  Steve Bremner has outlined standard "winter rules" for this route: 

Following "Winter Rules," because in winter it is actually not safe or even possible to adhere to the trail proper, anything goes above A-Frame.

Note that the Barr Trail is (roughly) the route of the Pike Peak Marathon, with ascent and round-trip records for summer conditions recorded on the PPM website.

38.8408707, -105.0422595


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From March 20, 2012. Last day of winter, moonlight run, which was required on the route I used (otherwise there would be issues with other proprietary users). 3:13:47 to the summit, 1:55:25 back to Barr Trailhead, 5:09:12 overall. I don't know what the winter rules are in Colorado, but in Utah anything goes from TH to summit. So, maybe this gets an asterisk entry--dunno. Anyway, it is what it is, and it was a great moonlight jaunt. 17.95 miles total.