FKT: Owen Thornton - Crowders Mtn (NC) - 2021-06-04

Route variation
Crowders Mtn Ridgeline, out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 12m 20s
GPS track(s)
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Pretty easy day! I was super impressed by myself, haha. I came here a year ago and did 6 miles on this trail and died, but today was awesome. 

I took in some calories (carried on me), brought 1000ml of water. Only went through maybe 600, 700ml. Had a stroop waffle, 3 Oreos, 4 salted caramel gu gels. 2 podcasts and some music! 

It was rainy, ran through some clouds. The bushes haven’t been trimmed at all, so there is a lot of brush when running through, and some pretty crazy rocky parts. Overall the hardest part was the straight up stair climb, my slowest mile: 10:40ish.

 To finish the ridgeline trail I think the most fair way is at half way to make sure to touch the inside of the building (half way) at boulders access. So—- I did that. Then ran back. Started and finished at the wooden part of the trail head at sparrows springs access. 

I’m not 100% sure... so don’t take my word on it. BUT I believe they adjusted the crowders pinnacle trail... basically I think they blocked off the old part and made a new part (reason why I got that extra milage. I hit nearly 15 miles, not 14.7). 
It’s the same trail now, but it’s a new part - for all future FKT. 
You can compare the GPX maps, my original route seemed more north than my actual. So I am 90% sure it is now slightly more south and a tiny bit longer. 

What else to report? Well. My Speed Goat were broken in, so ... unlike my last BOE 50 miler, my toe nails stayed in tact. But it was wet, and my right ball of foot got real tender. 

Well! Time to have an açaí bowl, and call it a wrap, a successful day!