FKT: Paddy O'Leary - East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail (CA) - 2018-10-13

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 18m 12s

East Bay Skyline FKT - Drop whatever you're doing right now and go run these trails. Beautiful route.

Took a shot at the East Bay Skyline Trail on Saturday, heading out from North to South just as the sun was rising. Followed the same track as Brian Gillis who held the previous FKT. What an amazing point to point trail. At sunrise, the views overlooking Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco to the west and the sun rising behind Mount Diablo was immense. Had a great moment with two coyotes running ahead of me on Nimitz before they veered off the road, only to start following after me again for a 100m or so. Saw lots of cows and hikers all along the route and bikers mainly in around Chabot. Carried a litre of water and refilled at Skyline Gate and at a random water spiggot on the last climb out of Chabot. No sign of a sick stomach yet anyway.

A friend of mine, Ryan Scura, dropped me off and collected. The BART and run combo would have left 2 miles of road running on either side. Ryan followed along at different points on the route and took some photos, hence the much better than phone quality photos.