FKT: Patrick Lehti - RheinSteig (Germany) - 2019-04-19

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Day 1 (4/14): 45.8km. "First day on the RheinSteig starting at 9:50 in Wiesbaden in front of Biebrich palace with 5 degrees Celsius. It started easy and flat along the river Rhine. Then the route wents up through vineyards and forests to the spa town Schlangenbad. Then after a Downhill I had lunch at a nice restaurant in the forests. Now followed some cultural sights like basilica in Kiedrich, monastery Eberbach and Vollrads castle and winery. My legs were getting heavier now and I need to hike more and more to my final destination for today, the hotel Neugebauer."

Day 2 (4/15):  49.0km (94.8 total). "Second day on the RheinSteig! And today I came after 1.5 hours into the UNESCO world heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. And the landscape changed dramatically. Being always close to the Rhine, but steep above, opens up spectacular views on it every now and then. Additionally, the valley is packed with castles. My legs felt still heavy, but this was not getting worse. Having to stop often for taking photos was very welcome. ;-) "

Day 3 (4/16):  49.7km (144.6 total).  "Puuh, that was hard, about 600 meters more in altitude than yesterday! Today, there were a lot first-class single trails going steep up and down and up again! Actually, the way I love it most, but that took time and power. And whereas most of my legs start to get used to this kind of torture, my right upper leg just seems to realise today what's going on and started to protest loudly."

Day 4 (4/17):  56.3km (200.9 total). "A long day starting similar than last day with a lot of steep uphills and downhills. As it has rained at night the trails were partly slippery. At the beginning my legs felt terrible, but after about 40 km it got better. Strange!? After the city of Koblenz the Upper Middle Rhine Valley ended and was replaced with a landscape with smoother hills."

Day 5 (4/18):  56.1km (257.0 total). "Today, more than half of the stage was unspectacular rounding the "Neuwieder Becken" quite far away from the Rhine and only smooth uphills and downhills. Then near Leutersdorf the scenery changed again completely. Here begins the lower Middle Rhine Valley and with that the very steep hills were back. And also the great views on the river Rhine. Today, I had a new problem, the right lower leg started to hurt badly, whereas the other parts of legs and feet are OK again."

Day 6 (4/19):  68.6km (325 total). "I did it, I am in Bonn now! This was the last stage of the RheinSteig tour. Today's stage was a bit longer than all others, but I wanted to finish the tour now. I started early at 8:15 and came to Bonn just as the sun goes down. After a short part along the Rhine, the route went straight through the Siebengebirge (Seven Hills) with long uphills and downhills. My right lower leg still hurts so much and was swollen, that I could hardly run but need to hike most of the way. But now it can have all the time to recover!"