Route: RheinSteig (Germany)

312.1 km

The RheinSteig is a 320 km trail on the right side of the Rhine that links Bonn, Koblenz and Wiesbaden on mainly narrow paths with steep climbs and descents, leading walkers and hikers to forests, vineyards and spectacular views. (from the official web site,

The WiBoLT (Wiesbaden-Bonn-Long-Trail) is a race that follows the official track of the Rheinsteig hiking trail:


Great effort, man! I will be attempting this track end of May as well. This seems very far out of my capability zone, but you never know.  

I'll attempt to set a new supported FKT northbound (standard route) starting next Thursday, June 16th at 6 AM local time. If I get one in time before the attempt, I will carry a tracker and post the livetracking link before starting. 

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Alright ... here we go then. I will attempt the self supported FKT from Wiesbaden to Bonn starting on Thursday 25.05 at around 08:30 to 09:00. I might post on Instagram (heikolampe), but not sure how much time I make for social media. I will post an edited video a few weeks later, documenting my attempt. There is also a sub-section of this trail that has no self supported FKT yet, so technically, @Patrick129 also holds that one right now.