FKT: Patrick Martin, Becky Gullberg - Crosstown Trail (CA) - 2019-09-15

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
3h 27m 10s

Patrick reported:

I unfortunately pushed it a bit hard in May and June and am slowly recovering from heel pain (not admitting to the evil planter fasciitis) and the Crosstown Trail seemed a great way to get back into the action.
The Crosstown Trail is really, really fun. The trail crosses 16 miles of the diverse city, taking you from the dilapidated remains of the old Giants stadium at Hunters Point to the impeccable streets and mansions of Land’s End. It’s urban running the whole way with a couple segments through parks. Tons and tons of stairs. Highlights included seeing a very domesticated coyote walk about 5 feet from us, running through Glen Canyon Park while picking blackberries to sustain us and running through Land’s End with great views of the Golden Gate.
Sometimes the stairs can be hard to find as they are tucked in between two houses and are not always obvious. Also, do not rely on the Outer Spatial app (recommended on the website) as it doesn’t show the street names the route goes on and is hard to follow.
Otherwise, highly recommended!