FKT: Patrick Martin - Skyline to the Sea Trail (CA) - 2019-03-19

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 57m 12s

Up in 4 hours 40 mins. Longer to go down. I can agree with other folks- there seems to be just as much uphill on the way down as the way up, somehow. I had some rough patches in there- even sat down near the Park HQ for about 10 mins and contemplated if it was a good idea to continue. But I told myself I could always sleep in a redwood if needed. 
I ran out of water about 3 miles from the top, stupidly not filling up at Waterman gap on the way up and suffered for it. I drank from the first trickle I found on the way down (which was only a mile away from the gap) and luckily didn’t get sick, yet. I got two ticks and ran through stinging needle near the end, which actually gave me the boost needed to finish. Some non-joint/muscle pain was a good distraction. 
With all that said, Skyline to Sea is one of my new favorite trails. It’s well maintained, well marked and spectacular scenery that changes as you go up. I’m excited to go back soon, slow down a bit and enjoy it more.
I took a bunch of video and will put it together soon.