FKT: Patrick Scheel - Mt. Kenya – 3 Routes - 2022-07-03

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1d 8h 11m 22s
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I started in Met Station (Naro Moru Route) around 4AM. For most of the trails, local guide Simon Sadidas Matayo joined me (he’s the best ultra-trail runner of the region). The local guides make the difference to find your way around more efficiently. At night, the trails got tricky and orientation was confusing. Also, there was night frost that froze many paths and made the mud very slippery, with the temperature reaching -5°C. The cold temperature and frost in rocks also made the last steep section more interesting, where there is a lot of scrambling involved before reaching the summit at Point Lenana.

Along each of the three routes there were many creeks and brooks where it is safe to drink water from. I carried my own food (mainly energy bars and gels + some solid food). There are some campsites/huts along the way, but it is not possible to resupply food here, so you must bring and carry everything yourself. 

My times were the following:

  • First Summit: 4h 50m
  • Chogoria Gate Bandas (Chogoria Route): 8h 02m
  • Second Summit: 14h 55m
  • Old Moses Camp (Sirimon Route): 19h 48m
  • Third Summit: 28h 25m

Finishing again in Met Station (Naro Moru Route) with a total time of 32h 11m 22s.

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