FKT: Paul Pomeroy - Mt Sanitas (Boulder, CO) - 2006-04-16

Gender category
Route variation
30 laps (100 miles, 40,000' elevation gain)
Finish date
Total time
1d 21h 5m

30 loops (100 miles, with 40,000 feet of climb and descent), Paul Pomeroy (April 2006), 45h05m

Here's Pomeroy's brief report from his epic 100 miles of Mt. Sanitas:

'I think he'll be fine' Bob Rayburn said cheerfully to a passing hiker as I disgorged the last of my stomach contents on the side of the trail. Only seven hours into what was promising to be a long venture things had definitely headed south. I had imagined reaching this point relatively easily, breezing around the 3.3 mile loop, racking up the laps and styling my way to a dazzling finish by nightfall the next day. Things were not going according to plan. I wiped the slime from my lips, mustered my forces and lurched up the trail. Paralyzing cramps wracked my quads, nausea gripped my stomach and I hung my head as I continued up the hill and wondered why I ever thought this was a good idea. No backing out now I thought, mildly regretting having posted an announcement to the Boulder Trail Runners list that would require dozens of future explanations in the event of failure. If I was going to finish I needed to forget about time and concentrate on completion alone. Relief came in the form of company. Far more people than I expected had caught word of this "run" and decided to come out. I had expected to be primarily on my own. In fact of the thirty laps I was alone for only three, even during the wee hours of two nights. I doubt I would have finished solo - thank you Paul Gross, Bob Rayburn, Mike Pont, Doug Rovira. Thanks also to all of you who showed up for an "attaboy" or a single lap. I sincerely wish I had made a better showing yet I feel I can take pride in overcoming some distinct difficulties and persevering to the end. After a far more comfortable day Saturday it was a pleasure to roll down the valley trail at 4:05 am Sunday morning, and sit in my folding chair not having to face the prospect of another trip up the grade. Despite the obstacles this was a rewarding and memorable experience,in a lovely ambience, shared with many friends. Best wishes and thanks to all. -- Paul Pomeroy, 4/17/2006