FKT: Pauline Cook - Australia's 15 Highest Peaks - 2023-04-02

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Australia's 16 Highest Peaks
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10h 53m 19s
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After returning to live in the Snowy Mountains after 3 years in Tassie, I was keen to explore the local area. Many of the peaks in the 16 Highest FKT are familiar to me, but I had not linked them all together in this way before. On a fine Autumn Day, I headed out from Charlotte's Pass to try and tick them all off. The final peak, Rams Head, was tough - I made the mistake of thinking I was nearly done when I got to Kozi but it's quite a way out to Rams Head and then all the way across the XC ski route to the Snowy River before hitting the Seaman's Hut track back to Charlotte's. I filled up numerous times up high in the small headwater streams, rather than in the bigger creeks (which often have campers along them). 

I don't own a GPS watch and have never bothered recording my runs with Strava or similar - preferring to run free of technology and explore wherever the whim takes me. However I downloaded Strava especially for this little outing, and tried as best I could to navigate following the frequently off track route on my phone. Some errors were made as a result, whilst watching my feet or needing to use my hands for scrambling. All 16 peaks were nonetheless summited in the right order, and I ended up doing extra km's weaving back and forth trying to line up the route via my phone.