FKT: Pawel Cymbalista - Cape Wrath Trail (United Kingdom) - 2023-04-08

Route variation
Glenfinnan Variant (West)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3d 14h 49m 19s

Started in Fort William on Wednesday the 5 th. 08.05am as the boat set off.

The weather was ok, standard Highland weather, rain and wind. First 18h was wet and misty. I felt them. The heavy pack was slowing me down more than I expected. Everything was going well. The river crossings were not too bad. I had to remember not to all my supplies on the first day. 

When I reached Barrisdale I thought that I am a bit too tired for this distance. I shouldn't be feeling like this. But I still continued. Things started to improve but not all. The weather changed at night and during the morning. I remember slipping and falling over trying to get of the Folcan ridge above shiel bridge. I got down but it was hard work. 

The paths were mostly (60%) imposible to find. I only knew the direction I have to go. Nights were very tough but I had my audiobooks that helped me stay sane.

My first cat nap was 15min, then another 4x 20min when the halucinations got a bit too much.

Yes I did hallucinate.. it was scary  but I was on safe grounds. 

I carried all my kit. All my food, hot and cold. It made the difference! 

It's hard to write it all so much happened in those days.

I slept under a tree, on top of a wide ridge path, a l hillside, between massive boulders. 

My food was mostly nut butters and gels. Lots of water. 

I've seen 2 cwt hikers all that time I've been out.

It was a very lonely expedition. 

On the last hours from Badcall I tried my best to avoid finishing in the dark. But sadly the terrain and distance was hard as previously. 3km before the lighthouse I got lost... Again. I managed to find my way but it was super heart breaking. Finally I found a river leading to the road. That takes you to the light house.

I can finished. Don't have to run any more.

My.body took a massive hit so now I am relaxing and recovering.

I will have a more detail report soon, but sleeping only 1h 20 min really took it out of me and thoughts are not coming lightly. 

 I am very proud of this achievement.

I've done it unsupported. I carried all my food, kit and essentials I could possibly need.

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