Route: Cape Wrath Trail (United Kingdom)

United Kingdom
239.9 mi

The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk (approx. 390km) from Fort William to the northwesternmost point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath. The route is unmarked and there is no official line. It is a superb route for very experienced long-distance backpackers, passing through magnificent wild landscapes for most of the route, with the freedom to choose your own exact route; there are two common variations starting via Glenfinnan (West, shown in our map below from Przemek Szapar) and via the Great Glen (East).



Hi! I'll be attempting the Cape Wrath Trail tomorrow solo unsupported and will be following the route of the supported FKT to include Torridon and Sandwood Bay at the end. I'm not planning on using any bothies along the way. Thanks to FKT for recording all the FKT attempts and providing this resource for planning ect which has been really useful.