FKT: Peter Bakwin - Flatirons Linkups (Boulder, CO) - 2020-05-06

Route variation
33 Spring Classics
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
16h 12m 1s
GPS track(s)
SFC-2020.gpx982.65 KB

This is the best ultra Flatirons linkup. I'm a bit surprised no one else has done it. Managed to shave a good bit off my time from last year, somehow. I guess experience helps. Excellent conditions - temp maxed out at 65 at NCAR.

My methods are basically the same as previous big linkups.  I carried a 8mm x 30m rope all day for the several rappels, and stashed a 6-7mm x 150' cord at the top of the SF of CSC.  I DC the SE Ridge on CSC to the top of the SF, rap down on the latter cord and climb back up the SF, then continue down the SE Ridge.  I carry the cord along for the final rap off the Maiden.  I use a UD Adventure Vest plus the Mountain Belt.  I like having both because it distributes weight better, and there are opportunities to drop the vest for a bit, but still carry a few items in the belt.  La Sportiva TX3s work great for me.  They are stiffer than the TX2s, which protects the feet better for the long day, and they have better hiking traction.  Double socks are also a good plan.  And calf sleeves - otherwise your shins are going look like you were attacked by a pack of wild cats.

Shout out to this product:  These gloves are incredibly durable.  I used them for all the easier scrambles, as well as the thrashy bushwhacks where you are often using your hands.  They preserve your fingers from abuse.  I got a pair for $5 at the McGuckin tent sale, and they were so good that I went back an bought another pair. But the first pair is still going strong after dozens of scrambles.

Here are some approximate splits at places where you can get good water:

Tangen Spring, 4:03

Skunk Canyon, 7:06

Bear Creek, 8:52

Fern Canyon, 10:04

Mesa/Shadow Spring, 14:27