FKT: Peter Bonito - Long 7 Sisters 22 (MA) - 2023-03-28

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 25m 11s
GPS track(s)

Much like the previous record holder, I went into this with the intention of getting in a solid training run. There is still snow up where I am in New Hampshire, so this was my first time back on exposed dirt trail in several months. I was actually unaware that there was an FKT for this route until I decided to look it up when I got home. I started at Harris Mountain Road at 9:20am. There was a cold, light rain coming down and trail conditions were quite wet from all the rain that had come down overnight. I descended very cautiously, especially on the first half, as the rocks were very slippery. The sun poked through a few times on the second half and the rocks started to dry up which gave me the ability to open up a little more on the downhills. I took a few wrong turns along the way, as I'm not very familiar with these trails, but I was able to backtrack and correct myself without too much difficulty. I did this run unsupported and finished back at Harris Mountain Road with a total elapsed time of 4 hours 25 minutes and 11 seconds. I had two 16oz soft flasks on my belt that each had an electrolyte tablet and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup mixed in with them. Given that the previous record holder and I both went into this as training runs and sort of stumbled upon the FKT aspect afterwards, I would say that this time can be taken sub 4 hours with more of a race effort and proper fueling and hydration. I hope to get back here in the early fall and give it a real go.