FKT: Peter Hogg - Tecumseh Trail (IN) - 2020-10-15

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6h 47m 57s
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I tried to do this last fall and didn't end up finishing due to some logistical issues so I went for it again this year.  60deg to 50deg and light rain most of the run. I started just before 8am as it got light at the north trailhead in morgan monroe. Moving time was 6:31. Time filtering water, and I missed a couple turns for an extra few minutes but nothing major. I started out with 0.5l water, 3 clif bars, 9 gels. I ate everything except half a clif bar so that worked out perfectly. I was a little overdressed starting, but was good as it got colder and started raining. I felt good starting, but not great. Took it nice and easy around low gap to bear lake. Hit bear lake at 91min and filtered water there to have 1.5l. Around 2 hours it started raining, and I started feeling really good. Maybe I just needed to cool off. Felt great through about 3 hours and then started getting a little tired. Topped off my water at the creek at the railroad after 45 just to be safe making it to yellowwood lake but I think I would've been fine. Probably felt the worst of the entire day from 3-4 hours. The descent down to yellowwood lake rd was rough. I got to yellowwood lake rd at 4:30. Usually the trail along yellowwood lake is my least favorite, but I started feeling good here and really enjoyed the trail along the water. I filtered water again at the far side of the lake at 4:51 for another 1.5l to get me to the finish. I continued to feel good up the scarce o fat hill. I hit the ridge and was hoping to be able to get moving on the nearly 4mi of essentially gravel/paved roads. I was able to get down to 7:30-7:45 pace here and felt strong. I was pretty happy with that, but I was still taking it a little easy to make sure I didn't blow up. The next trail section is mostly easy rolling fire road which was nice. I was tired but still feeling good enough.  I got to the parking lot on crooked creek rd and saw my parents were there to pick me up so I could breathe easy and finish it.  I just had to run the last couple miles to the end and then run those miles back to the parking lot.  I still had plenty of energy left at the end. I ran back to the car feeling satisfied. I can finally check that off the list a year later. 


Crazy fast! Good work Peter!

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Peter, great job with this mark. I truly love the Tecumseh Trail. In December, I ran the full trail for the first time - Had a rough go after Yellowwood lake and hit the wall with about 8 mi to go - Ran out of liquids and walked for 4-5 miles at the end finishing in 7.5 hours. Tomorrow, I will be attempting another run through. Hoping to report back with a good effort - Best wishes! Sean