Route: Tecumseh Trail (IN)

Submitted by Derek Woods on Sat, 10/10/2020 - 02:39pm
Indiana, US
41.12 mi
Vertical Gain
5,472 ft

The following description is from the Hoosier Hikers Council website (

"If the HHC has a signature trail, the 42-mile Tecumseh Trail in Indiana is probably it.  Built by the HHC in 1998-2002, the Tecumseh Trail begins at Morgan-Monroe State Forest Headquarters, which is about 5 miles south of Martinsville.  It ends in a remote area of Brown County forest near Monroe Reservoir, just south of S.R. 46 near Crooked Creek Road.

In terms of hills, the Tecumseh Trail is often considered a gentler version and training ground of the Knobstone Trail, a 52-mile one-way path that is further south in Indiana, near the city of Salem.  While the Tecumseh’s path does consist of many large hills, ascents are not typically as steep, long, or frequent as those of the Knobstone Trail.

But the logistics of backpacking the Tecumseh can sometimes have more challenges.  While the Tecumseh Trail tends to offer many opportunities for backcountry (non-potable) water sources, it often has less parking or allowable camping areas than the Knobstone Trail.  This can impact the amount of miles necessary to hike in a day, and it is for this reason that all trips should be carefully planned ahead of time."

This is a beautiful trail with lots of flow in the first 30 miles and plenty of forgiving switch backs making the climbs perfect for a beginner. The last 10 miles are mostly roads and fire roads with a bit of single track. The views from the ridges remind you of what makes Southern Indiana so special.  


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