FKT: Peter Howe - White Mountains Hut Traverse (NH) - 2015-09-25

Route variation
Standard Traverse
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12h 49m 33s

Managed to have a gorgeous day up in the Whites this past Friday, September 25th. I left Carter a little after 4am, and had perfect fall weather the whole way to Lonesome. My GPS watch died 8:44:00 in, between Zeacliff and Guyot, and I used my Timex for the remaining duration. Couldn’t have had the day I did out there without the support of hut kid celebrities Jeff Colt – for Advil, and inspiration- and the voluptuously bearded Bott Scerkley- for doughnuts, pacing, driving, and everything in between. Immense love and respect for this route, these mountains, and these people- I hope to be back sooner than later.
-Peter Howe

My splits were as follows:
Cata-->MadHaus 2:42:48
Hut Time 8:21
MadHaus--> Lakes 1:41:19
(Lakes closed, no stop)
Lakes --> Pah 58:18
Hut Time 3:58
Pah -->HiC 25:59
HiC Time 8:20
HiC --> Zeal 1:24:13
Hut Time 6:03
Zeal --> Ghoul 1:55:20
Hut Time 6:02
Ghoul --> Flea 2:13:22
Flea --> Lonestar 51:11

Total Time: 12:49:33