FKT: Petter Restorp - Gunung Agung sea2summit2sea - 2022-04-24

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6h 46m 0s
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Easy night jog to the starting point at the beach and pushed start on my watch at 2:11 am. Nice and quiet, but still pretty hot, 26 C. Probably woke up the people in every house I passed on the first part because of all the barking dogs. Felt I was keeping a nice and steady pace on the first 20 km, which is all roads and took me up to the temple at foot of the steeper rocky bits. Climbing went without much problems and I reached the summit just before sunrise (3:49) Had to spend 15 min or so there just to take it all in. Amazing views! Going down I lost the trail right away and had to climb back up. A bit futher down I lost it again and tried to cut the terrain, but ended up going back up again to get back on track. Stopped to talk to a group of local runners also. The run back down on the road was a race against the sun and the heat and I tried to take very small sips of the water I had left.

Consumed 1.3 L of water and 8 gels