FKT: Phil Stapert - Dam-to-Dam (North Country Trail, MI) - 2013-09-02

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2d 12h 10m 0s

I fastpacked Dam to Dam, using the Manistee River Trail at the North end of the route, on Labor Day weekend 2013.  I did it in 3 days, camping 2 nights along the trail.  I did the first two days unsupported but had some support from my parents on the third day.  I didn't document my exact time, but it was roughly 61 hours from the start Saturday morning to the finish Monday evening.

I said I didn't document the exact time, but then I realized I had cell phone pictures of me with the two dams, at the start and at the finish, in the background. The Croton Dam picture was taken at 7:08 am on Saturday August 31, 2013, and the Hodenpyl Dam picture was taken Monday September 2 at 7:18 pm, so my time from Croton Dam to Hodenpyl Dam was 60:10.