FKT: Phoebe Seltzer - Mt Hale (NH) - 2023-10-28

Route variation
from Zealand Road
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 19m 16s
GPS track(s)

The womens time for the lend a hand trail was 1:46 so I thought I would go for it. I shaved around 27 minutes off.

I warmed up on the Sugarloafs beforehand and it was hot and humid so was happy it was raining when I started. The first mile went by pretty fast since a lot of it was runnable. I passed some hikers. There were a lot of leaves down requiring more care with footwork. The second mile was a little slower and had some rockier footing but not too bad. I saw someone who follows me on instagram and he cheered for me. I got to the summit and snapped some photos and had someone take a picture of me. I was careful on the downhill as my ankle isn’t 100% right now so could definitely improve my time there. And the rocks were wet and there were a lot of leaves. I did roll the ankle once causing me to roll it again soon after but it wasn’t that bad a roll. I picked up the pace the last mile and ran it in fast.