FKT: Rachel Rosenberg, Julie Gibson - National Trail (AZ) - 2022-02-13

Route variation
One way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 48m 10s

This was such a fun day! Used this run as a shake-out for an OAB attempt on 2/26. Wanted to dial in the route, nutrition, FKT verification, etc.  

Started around 8:45 - Julie had to come in from Payson, and we had to drop a car, plus we wanted to start a little on the later side to experience/acclimate to the heat we'll be feeling in a couple of weeks.

First few miles were a little rough - we both had pretty tough training weeks and it took our bodies a while to adjust to running. Plus the first seven miles are uphill! Got down to Telegraph pass in a little under 2 hours, had a few bites of PB&J (packed) and realized it was waaaaay too dry for on-the-run food. As always the West side of the mountain is beautiful and desolate - we saw zero other people past Goat Hill.

That last downhill is paaaaaain in the quads. Ran out of water right before the San Juan Lookout - I always said that my running superpower is emptying my bladder a few steps before the parking lot :)

This was Unsupported - we each brought about 3L of water and all of our food with us. When we do it in a few weeks it will be Supported - we will have friends bring water, food, and motivation at a few points along the course.

'Twas a great time - looking forward to many more!