FKT: Ray ""Geared Up"" Reynoso - Great Allegheny Passage (GAP, MD/PA) - 2020-07-25

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I've been out here all summer doing laps up and down the Great Allegheny Passage.  Training for future hikes. As those seemed less and less likely to happen this year, I focused on the path in front of me. I currently hold the record for it and thought, I can improve on that. To add some spice to it, let's do it unsupported this round. So it begins. I was worried about the temperature as the days leading up to the start were 97 plus degrees. Start day a weather system came in and it brought thunderstorms for the next 3 days. This was very welcome. It kept me cool, provided me with a shower on the go everyday, and help keep the bugs down. Day 1 530am start. was my strongest day. Everything was smooth and on track. 3 miles short of my goal. Camped outside Garret. Day 2 I could feel the caloric hit already. There was more and longer breaks. Usefully for drying my feet and gear out but chewing into how many hours I had to go. Stopped 8 miles short, in my mind I would make them up the next day. Camped outside Ohiopyle. Day 3. I overslept by 4 hours. A very noticeable lower energy level, but still strong mentally. As the day went on I developed a blister on my left foot and an overuse injury in my left quad. My mileage suffered as a result.  Camped outside Whitsett. Day 4 To try and make up time was an early hours start. Still wet from the day before, it was a slog. The sun finally came out and was able to dry all my gear and it was not overly powerful. I felt good and had my music running all day. By 2 pm I had not made my expected mileage and continued to behind. 6pm I had to decide....will I walk all night into Pittsburgh? During the whole summer I learned everything I could about this trip. Walking through this section at night was not advised by several locals. Camped outside Kennywood. Day 5 After making the decision to camp I started crunching numbers, I already knew I was going to reset the record, but would it be possible to do under 100 hours? The answer was yes, but I had to leave early and keep on pace. 3am start time. All pavement, all city. Finally that endgame adrenaline was kicking in. It was a race that 100 hour mark was approaching fast! Finally, I made it to the park and went straight to the point. Just beating it. 99 hours, 10 minutes. Ending at 8:40 am