Route: Great Allegheny Passage (GAP, MD/PA)

Maryland, US
Pennsylvania, US
150 mi
Vertical Gain
100 ft

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is a 150-mile trail from Cumberland, MD, to Pittsburgh, PA. The GAP is mainly well groomed crushed limestone that rides fast - most interest in this trail has been by cyclists.  However, on our old website a hiker claimed to have walked the GAP in 137h55m in June 2016 (self-supported).

39.6528654, -78.7625185


I am interested in attempting the GAP from Cumberland to Pittsburgh. Is anyone aware of a supported or unsupported FKT for this route in either direction?

I'm also interested in making an attempt at the GAP FKT this year. It looks like there are some impressive runs for the GAP + C&O trail (one attempt comes in under 23 hours, but the fastest known time for the GAP trail (as its own entity) is 137h 55m listed here:

I'm pretty new to the whole FKT thing. How does the GAP + C&O FKT effect the GAP FKT? Or are both considered completely separate?


Oops haha it looks like that sub-24 hour time was on bike, I obviously skipped breakfast this morning.

I'll be making an unsupported attempt at this route from Pittsburgh to Cumberland beginning the morning of Friday, June 7.

Here is a link to my gps tracker:

Admin Note:  Kevin went for about 12 hours on 6/7 and then stopped around Port Royal (DNF).

Hi All, 

I'll be setting out to set the Unsupported time for the Gap. Starting around July 20th, 2020.

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Started July 21 @ 530AM

Ended July 25 @ 840AM


Time: 99 hours 10 minutes.    😀😀😀