FKT: Ray Nypaver - Mummy Mania (CO) - 2021-09-15

Route variation
point-to-point route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 32m 32s

Trip Report: 

Nearly every day walking my pup for our home on the east side of Estes Park, I get a beautiful view of the Mummy Range.  I've been dreaming of a solid day on the route for nearly a year, and I finally got it (after an attempt earlier in the year).  A friend dropped me off at the Chapin Pass trailhead around 7am before he had to zoom back down Trail Ridge Rd. to be at work by 8am.  And from there it was pretty much just me and the mountains, passing the last people doing CCY by the base of Chapin, saying sayonara to the trails after the summit of Ypsilon, and then playing and dancing on boulders most of the way to Mummy.  (While the exposure is low on the route, injury is definitely possible, so I do recommend bringing your inReach or similar device, especially as your not likely to see anyone for miles).  I always tend to go a bit too far east on Mummy, but I did alright and beelined it towards the "crocodile rock" once I caught sight of it.  Once I scrambled down the connector "trail" (not on a map) to the Black Canyon Trail (turn RIGHT towards the Lawn Lake Trail), I knew I was golden unless I had an epic trip over a rock (a possibility for me) and was ready to crush the last 5+ miles down to the Lawn Lake Trailhead.  It was truly an awesome 6 mountain adventure!