Route: Mummy Mania (CO)

Colorado, US
17 mi
Vertical Gain
7,000 ft

As described by Gerry Roach in his guidebook to Rocky Mountain National Park:  "This voyage collects all the mummies.  It is a one-day traverse of the Mummy Range that nets you six peaks.  It requires 16 miles and 5,600 vertical feet of elevation gain."  Roach's route is a point-to-point from the Chipin Lake TH to the Lawn Lake TH. The peaks are: Chapin(12,454'), Chiquita (13,069'), Ypsilon (13,514'), Fairchild (13,502'), Hagues (13,560'), and Mummy (13,426').

Way back on 7/31/1979, Bill Briggs did a loop version starting and finishing at the Lawn Lake TH and skipping Chapin, in about 9 hours.

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