FKT: Rebecca Hormann - Stroud Five Valleys (United Kingdom) - 2022-08-22

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3h 13m 20s
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I ran the route based on the GPX file provided on the FKT page for this route. It seemed that there were several places in which the individual who created the GPX file ran around in circles or the signal just didn't pick it up super well. Because of this, that past file says it's about 23 miles whereas, after avoiding the navigational errors made in the previous file, the route turned up at about 20 miles.

It was raining the majority of the time so I didn't even think to pull my phone out for pictures :/ But I was completed unsupported with just the same gear the whole way round and no stops at all. It was a solo run. 

The route started at the intersection of a canal path and a bridge, sort of a bit of a side street. I started and ended by a set of traffic cones along the side of the little road. 


Let me know if there are any issues with the file or anything else is needed! :)