Route: Stroud Five Valleys (United Kingdom)

Submitted by David Coull on Sat, 10/09/2021 - 07:04am
United Kingdom
36.88 km
Vertical Gain
830 m

Stroud and the 'Five Valleys' are in the heart of the Cotswolds (UK). This route takes in each of Stroud’s five valleys - Painswick, Slad, Toadsmoor, Chalford and Nailsworth.

Stroud, which sits in a valley in Gloucestershire, is surrounded by a number of neighbouring valleys. The Stroud Five Valleys loop is an established route which is typically walked, often for charity.

The loop is made up of a mixture of trails, fields and country lanes and is well-known by locals and avid walkers. Because of the valleys, you’ll climb over 800 metres, and enjoy some of the best views the county has to offer.