FKT: Rebecca Much - Maroon Bells 4 Passes Loop (CO) - 2014-08-30

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
6h 29m 31s

Note that Much posted her run prior to learning of Nypaver's slightly faster time, which wasn't posted until a couple days later.


New women's FKT on 4 Pass Loop this weekend at 6:29'31. Ran the loop on Saturday, August 30th starting at 7:38am. Hit start and stop on the watch where the pavement turns to gravel at the trailhead. Suuppppeeerrr sick run even though there were about a billion people on the trail considering Labor Day Weekend. Nearly fell off the trail with dropped jaw running some of those sections, especially up from the Snowmass Lake split towards Trail Rider Pass gawking at the lake and Snowmass Mtn as backdrop. Water fall after North Fork Crossing was not too shabby either. I got a slowish start on the route making sure I had directions right and taking an unintentional detour further up Buckskin Pass than need be looking for mountain goats but smooth sailing once I got past the Snowmass Lake Split. Surprised there were still flowers everywhere! I'm sure this time can be crushed by some other ladies. Lets see it so I have excuse to try again next year ;)

GPS file:

Crater Lake Split :25'21 - :25'21
Buckskin Pass 1:02'56 - 1:28'17
Snowmass Lake Split :41'00 - 2:09'18
Trailrider Pass :41'09 - 2:50'27
North Fork Crossing :39'52 - 3:30'19
Frigid Air Pass 1:09'31 - 4:39'50
West Maroon Pass :36'27 - 5:16'18
Crater Lake Split :54'30 - 6:10'49
Trailhead :18'42 - 6:29'31

Rebecca Much