FKT: Rebecca Wood - Nidderdale Way (United Kingdom) - 2022-08-14

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10h 44m 50s
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I set off early as I knew it was going to be really hot with highs of 30 degrees and had a couple of lovely hours from Ripley to Pateley in cooler temperatures until the mist lifted. Once it heated up, it was very, very warm which made getting food down even more of a struggle than usual so I stuck mainly to gels. I was met by my mum and boyfriend/his parents at points throughout the day that I had planned out in advance to top up my water supply and re-stock food/gels. After Ramsgill, I began to really struggle but managed to pick the pace again in the last 10k into Ripley. My boyfriend ran the final 1k with me but that was my only running support.