FKT: Renata Poetzl, Kimberly Zahasky - Ice Age Trail, Janesville Segment (WI) - 2022-05-22

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 43m 20s

Our adventure started at 6:27am on Sunday, May 22nd 2022. We started at the Western end of the Arbor Ridge Segment and finished at the Eastern end of the Janesville segment on the Ice Age Trail at 10:10 am, completing Arbor Ridge, Devil’s Staircase and Janesville segments – 14.9 miles. We got lost a few times and had to back track, which added a little mileage. Some areas were not well marked and we used the FarOut app for directions several times.

It was a beautiful day in Wisconsin – sunny and low 40’s to start, warming up to mid-50’s. We carried water and snacks in our backpacks.

The Arbor Ridge segment was lovely. Some dirt single track trails and some paved trails through Robert O. Cook Memorial Arboretum. The Devil’s Staircase segment was gorgeous, with rock walls and breathtaking views of the Rock River. We followed the river through Janesville on a paved bike path, roads and sidewalks. It was relatively flat but very pretty. We saw lots of ducks and ducklings, birds, and some big fish jumping out of the water on the Rock River.

This route was beautiful and it had a great mixture of dirt trails, paved bike trail and roads.

We continued to the end of Storr’s Lake segment that day for a total of 24.78 miles.