Route: Ice Age Trail, Janesville Segment (WI)

Submitted by guernsey.jason.j on Tue, 05/11/2021 - 08:38am
Wisconsin, US
14.17 mi
Vertical Gain
310 ft

Route starts at the the bike path near Highway 26 at W. Rotamer Court. The route is largely downhill and on paved bike paths through the city of Janesville. Once you get to Riverside Park, the paved bike path and streets switch to dirt trails at the Devils Staircase Segment. From there, the route continues through the Janesville Schools Outdoor Lab, (JSOL) on dirt trails. This section is where the majority of the elevation occurs. The route ends at the parking lot for JSOL at the end of North Bluebird Trail. (Or run the other direction.)

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My friend and I will be attempting this FKT this Sunday May 22nd as a team, unsupported. Looks fun and weather is looking very appealing! 

Can you please add out-and-back? I'm planning on running this on Sunday, April 14th. Thanks!