FKT: Renee Elsdon Jacobs - Wind River Peak (WY) - 2021-08-24

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9h 24m 57s

When it feels like you are swimming upstream, sometimes it's best to just turn around and go with the flow... I had driven out from California to the Winds to attempt to do the Wind River High Route as an FKT in the middle of August. This trip had already been rescheduled once, to give my knee time to heal after my High Sierra Trail FKT (and some stormy weather too). The mid-August window was my last chance to make it happen this year... Tempted by "mostly sunny" at the tail end of the forecast, I hit the road. Unfortunately, those "mostly sunny" days never came and I spent my precious window either getting soaked or hiding from the rain. I made an attempt at the last chance, when the weather improved slightly, but was turned around by fresh snow at and above treeline (which made things very treacherous), not to mention 50mph gusts and cold temperatures.  The time had come to go home and return to my mommy duties, but I managed to score an FKT on Wind River Peak before hitting the road. The outing was exactly what I needed - chock full of intense flow states, great weather, and gorgeous scenery. It also gave me a good taste of the Winds (this was my first time successfully making a trip happen!) and I am excited to give the High Route another go (next year?) Trip report coming soon...